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powerqualityonline is to be understood as a training portal with the aim of helping people to help themselves in the fields of power analysis and power quality measurement.
The effects of electrical systems in grids on consumers and generators are highly complex. Their assessment and the derivation of solutions from this requires a combination of different specialist areas, including energy technology, low and high frequency technology, data technology, knowledge of DIN VDE standards, systems engineering and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
powerqualityonline provides a systematic approach to the complex subject of many power quality-related disturbances and makes it usable for the user in two ways.

powerqualityonline consists of two components:

The expert system contains expert knowledge from practical experience to assist you in solving your problems. You receive help and support in the interpretation of power quality measurement data, from disturbance symptoms to possible solutions. The procedure is such that the customer compares the measurement data or measurement pictures received with the respective measurement pictures in the expert system and, if the result is positive, is guided through further steps to suggested solutions.

As an online training system, the measurement trainer provides the customer with instructions on the practical configuration and the performing of measurements with selected measurement devices through to evaluation with the respective device software.
To use the expert system, the customer should have a good knowledge of their systems. The expert system offers help for self-help in interpreting measurement data and finding solutions to solve problems. The implementation of solutions is the responsibility of the customer.
powerqualityonline expressly does not replace any planning work, system planning/modifications or, for example, the assessment of cable cross-sections and fuse staggering (selectivity of protective devices).
The final assessment of measurement and test results as well as their documentation, creation and processing of defect lists in accordance with DIN VDE standards remain the responsibility of the customer.
The system cannot replace the visit by an expert.

Important Note for Your Own Safety:
Work, including measurements on electrical systems, may only be carried out by qualified electricians. The customer is responsible for compliance with the relevant laws, standards and safety regulations for work on electrical systems and live working.
Measurements on electrical systems are partly live work, therefore the relevant normative and legal provisions must be observed.

Live working involves the following risks in particular:
  • Risk of electric shock (cardiac arrest with fatal consequences, but also indirect accidents such as falls due to flinching when touching electrical conductors)
  • Exposure to electric arcs with severe or even fatal burns
  • Development of fires

The offer is aimed exclusively at entrepreneurs within the meaning of § 14 BGB. All prices are exclusive of statutory VAT, if applicable.